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New Introductions for Case IH

by Bill Walters

Posted on November 22, 2016 - 3:15pm

Greetings from Dyersville.

In this blog I’ll give you some additional information on two new items that we introduced at the National Farm Toy Show for Case IH collectors.

Let’s start with the 1:16th Case Steam Engine that is being produced to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Case Corporation. When the company first started back in 1842 most all agricultural work was being done by horses and manual labor. Jerome Increase Case spent his early years perfecting the thresher, but the thresher still needed dependable power to make the most efficient use of its capabilities. When Case finally developed their steam engines, they had a winning combination. Case had the best selling steam engines in North America, with several historical books claiming that Case sold more steam engines than all of their competitors combined. Our replica of the Case 65HP steam engine has working detail that includes a steerable front axle that uses a chain system, detailed boiler area, and moving parts that replicate the real workings of a steam engine. This model will feature a black chrome body and will only have one production run. A total of 175 gold chrome units will be randomly inserted into the production run as well.

We also introduced the latest tractor in our Precision Elite Series for Case IH dealers. The IH 1026 Hydro tractor was introduced in 1969 along with the 826 and 1456 tractors. A total of 2,414 Farmall 1026 tractors were produced in 1970 and 1971. In 1970 IH also produced specially painted “Demonstrator” tractors that had gold painted hoods. Dealers were supposed to use these “Demonstrator” tractors to get farmers to test out these tractors in the field and see their capabilities. The 1026 was the first 100+ horsepower tractor with a hydrostatic transmission ever produced. Eventually the 1026 was replaced by the “66” series of tractors. Our replica of the 1026 will feature single rear wheels, wide front axle and all the detail you’ve come to expect from our Precision line. We will also be randomly inserting “Demonstrator” models with the gold painted hoods into the production.

Both of these models will be reach Case IH dealers in Spring 2017.
Until next time…